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Book - On a Similar Note £10.00  
'On a Similar Note' The brand new, laugh-out-loud book from this larger than life character. More mayhem mishaps and musings from this accident-prone singer with the charismatic personality.

Here we find Jonathan in his many guises - the devoted family-man; the lightening rod for any disaster; the determined bargain hunter; the accidental sheep wrangler; the die-hard Archers fan; the inveterate Dyson enthusiast; the opinionator at large and the middle-aged bloke in search of a decent shirt.

This is a witty, occasionally painful, thoroughly entertaining account. It isn't always easy being Jonathan Veira but it's usually fun!

I took up my claw hammer, 'This is quite simple,' I thought......

' can I make this look like the dog's fault?'

"This is Jonathan at his best, always willing to tell a funny story about his own mishaps. But also here is the gentler Jonathan, thoughtfully passionate about people everywhere, whether they be the audience which has paid a small fortune to see an opera suddenly plunged into the darkness of a power cut, 'the locals' on a holiday shopping trip or dignified Ethiopians displaying hospitality in appalling poverty. Those who have only seen the performer will be delighted to meet the quiet listener. The book is the nearest you get to having Jonathan and Sue round for a cup of tea (or maybe coffee), relaxed and being themselves. Curl up on the sofa and enjoy."